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  • Best Soft-Capsule Solution

    We Are CUBEGEL


    "Creating new thing is difficult, but it is our mission."

    Best Soft-Capsule Solution

    We Are CUBEGEL

    "새로운 것을 만드는 것은 어렵지만 우리의 사명입니다."

    "Creating new thing is difficult, but it is our mission."

    We Are


    Just as small pieces come together to make one cube,

    Respected employees · Continuous development

    Reliable products · Customer satisfaction, etc.

    Through various values, our CUBE is completed.

    Our Story

    Our Story

    CUBE was established in 2007 as a manufacturer of soft encapsulation machines

    and blister packaging machines based on DCM KOREA.

    From 2013 onwards, for the specialization of product development and production,

    Reorganized into CUBE DCM KOREA and CUBE MEXYSTECH,

    we are developing and producing a soft encapsulation machine line

    and a blister packing machine line, respectively.

    We Make


    We will continue to devote ourselves to becoming a 'Grand Company'

    and 'The company that realizes dreams' to realize the value of CUBE

    and move forward as a respected company.

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