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    Soft Capsule Washing Machine

    Model: CW62

    The capsule washer is designed to put the produced soft capsules in a basket and wash them with alcohol or to remove oil

    and contaminants from the surface of the capsules.

    It consists of a main body and a control panel with a touch screen,

    and is designed safely in accordance with GMP regulations.


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    Tumble Dryer Basket Washing Machine

    Model: TDC62

    The tumble dryer washer is an automatic washing machine for the tumble dryer basket, designed for one-touch washing.

    First wash with water, then mix with detergent and start cleaning with hot water, and finally with purified water.

    After washing with water, it can be dried quickly with a blower and electric heating,

    and cleaning takes about 20 minutes in automatic mode.


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    Colloid Mixer

    Model: CMM400

    The colloid mixer is a fully automatic machine that grinds and mixes solid raw materials,

    and combines the functions of a vacuum homomixer, vibrating body and colloid mill.

    User-friendly design makes it easy to operate, designed to produce high-quality products,

    and has a safe design suitable for GMP regulations.


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    Color Mixer

    Model: CMX15

    A color mixer is a machine used to color soft capsules.

    After preparing the film, dye is added to the raw material transferred to the service tank through a color mixer to prepare the film color.

    The impeller moves up and down by a pneumatic cylinder,

    and there is an independent controller that can control a button-type switch.

    In general, it is used by installing it on the frame and platform of the melting tank or on a nearby wall.


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    Visual Inspection Machine

    Model: ISM

    The visual inspection machine is used to sort soft capsules,

    and checks for defective capsules to ensure that only high-quality capsules are sent to the packaging area.

    Consisting of a 360-degree rotating roller system, each capsule is visually exposed to the operator's eyes to allow sorting,

    and the conveyor speed can be adjusted for ease of operation.

    In addition, the function of reversing the roller in the inspection area facilitates re-inspection,

    and both efficient and effective inspection can be performed.


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    Automatic Sorting Machine

    Model: ST6

    The automatic sorting machine is a machine that sorts capsules of different sizes by checking the diameter of the capsules.

    Capsules are sorted through a vibrating chute and rotating rollers,

    and a large amount of capsules can be sorted through 6 tracks.

    The user-friendly design makes it easy for anyone to use, and it has a low-noise design.


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    Laser Marking System

    Model: L5

    The laser marking system is specially designed for engraving on soft capsules

    and is specially manufactured in compliance with the requirements of the pharmaceutical and food industries,

    as well as GMP standards and CE regulations.

    Because it is controlled through a touch screen monitor based on a PC,

    accurate calibration and production data recording are possible, and users can operate it easily.


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    Pulverization Machine

    Model: PV120

    The pulverization machine is an equipment that can recycle the contents of the capsule

    by crushing the outer film of the lumped film, defective soft capsule, or seamless capsule.

    The user-friendly design makes it very easy to operate and simple to disassemble and clean.


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    Polishing Pan

    Model: PP90

    The polishing pan is designed for grinding soft capsules and is a device used to polish soft capsules.

    The user-friendly design allows for easy and simple operation,

    and is designed and manufactured according to the requirements of the pharmaceutical and food industries.


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