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    Gelatin Melting Tank

    Vegetable Material Melting Tank

    Model:  MT Series (MT50 ㅣ MT600 ㅣ MT800)

                    VM Series (VM50 ㅣ VM600 ㅣ VM800)

    The film preparation system includes an gelatin film system produced using gelatin, and a vegetable film system, produced using vegetable raw materials.

    The melting tank is an automatic tank designed to melt raw materials according to the characteristics of each raw material.

    It is very easy to operate because it consists of a movable section that can control the tank driving function as well as the heating and impeller speed.

    The gelatin melting tank uses vacuum, heating and impeller mix, and the vegetable melting tank additionally uses a high-performance heater and homomixer due to the characteristics of the raw material. to dissolve and produce.

    The type is divided into hydraulic type and platform type, and the capacity is typically composed of 50L, 600L, and 800L, and other capacities can be customized.


    (* The vegetable melting tank can also be prepared with animal-derived gelatin.)


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    Gelatin Service Tank

    Vegetable Material Service Tank

    Model:  GL Series (GL25)

                    GL-V Series (GL25V)

    The service tank stores the prepared raw materials and is used to maintain the temperature when transported to the molding room,

    and is used to move the raw materials to the spreader box of the molding machine for film (ribbon) production.

    In the case of gelatin, the raw material is transferred and discharged to the upper part of the tank by applying pressure through air supply,

    but in the case of vegetable raw materials, the raw material is transferred and discharged to the lower part of the tank using a gear pump.

    In the case of vegetable raw materials, considering that the melting point is higher than that of gelatin,

    it is designed to be suitable for the characteristics of the raw material.

    The capacity is typically 250L, and other capacities can be customized.


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    Medicine Service Tank

    Model: MD30

    Medicine service tanks are used to store drugs and safely transport them to the molding room.

    It allows the medicine to be transferred to the hopper of the molding machine through the drug transfer pump,

    and the filling material is supplied to the die-roll wedge through the piston pump,

    and the drug is injected into the film through the injection pipe to encapsulate it.


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    Medicine Transfer Pump

    Model: SPL25

    It is used to transfer the drug in the drug service tank to the hopper of the forming machine.

    It is suitable for transferring fluids with high viscosity and solid matter,

    and has the characteristics of quantitative properties, easy maintenance, free transfer direction, low noise and low vibration.


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    Vacuum & Homogenizer

    Model: VH300

    The vacuum homomixer can use the functions of mixing, homogenizing and heating in a vacuum with one operation,

    and is a suitable machine for producing viscous pharmaceutical raw materials into various products.

    The standard model is 300 L, and the actual working capacity is about 150 to 200 L.

    The control panel contains ON/OFF power and all necessary button switches.


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    Colloid Mill

    Model: CM180

    The colloid mill is used to pulverize the solidified raw material and is used to prepare the paste raw material.

    It is designed for easy operation and to produce high quality products,

    and is designed by dividing the main frame body and driving part.


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    Model: VS50

    The vibrating is a machine for preparing the powdered raw material by filtering it through a sieve,

    and is used when preparing the paste raw material.

    It is designed to be easily controllable and to produce high quality products,

    and it consists of a rigid frame part and a working part that can control the machine driving function and speed.


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    Tumble Dryer

    Model: TD62 ㅣ TD62R

    The tumble dryer is used to quickly and quickly dry the produced soft capsules.

    The tumble dryer is divided into a TD62 model with standard specifications and a TD62R model with a research specification.

    Each tumble dryer with standard specifications can accommodate 26,724 capsules, based on Oblong #20.

    It provides user-friendly and simple operation, can connect as many units as needed,

    and can be controlled by PLC on the molding machine touch screen.


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    Double Deck Tumble Dryer

    Model: N2T

    Compared to the standard tumble dryer (TD62),

    the double deck tumble dryer has the same basic specifications and functions, but it consists of two stages,

    so it can efficiently dry a much larger amount of soft capsules in a narrow space.

    The model can also be controlled from the PLC on the touch screen of the molding machine.


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    Seamless Tumble Dryer

    Model: STD730

    The seamless tumble dryer is designed and manufactured according to the requirements of seamless capsule production,

    and is a tumble dryer specially designed for the purpose of fast drying of seamless capsules.

    It provides user-friendly simple operation, is convenient to maintain and maintain,

    and is lightweight for easy cleaning and operation.


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    Tray & Dolly

    Model: Tray & Dolly

    Used to dry soft capsules from a tumble dryer.

    Use a tray to place the soft capsule, and use a dolly to transport the tray.

    The tray is divided into PE material and SUS304 material,

    and the dolly is made of SUS304 material.


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